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Small business owners around the world consult with me when they want to get more clients and make more money. If you’re looking to build your business bigger, get a better handle on exactly where to market, and make sure what you offer is packaged and priced correctly I invite you to contact me. For over 10 years now I’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you create the business and lifestyle they truly want. Please contact me and we’ll discuss how to work together.
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How To Maximize Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing is all the rage. Just like any other type of marketing it takes practice to use visual content effectively. It can be time consuming and costly to come up with your visual content - for a full-on campaign you might need 10 or more images in a day across various social media platforms.Visual content is usually more emotionally appealing than copy, although that isn't ALWAYS true.On Twitter, visual content added to a Tweet gets you 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and … View Post +

How You Can Easily Make More Money Without Discounting

Most small business owners I know don't believe that you can easily make more money without discounting. Learning this skill has saved more than one business owner and has put more money in their bank account than they thought was possible.In the past I've written more than one blog post about the dangers of discounting. You can find links to all of them right here. I think in one of them I tell the story of a former client who had completely devolved her income and had to close her business due … View Post +

3 Ways to Talk About What You Do That Will Make Sense to a Prospect

Clarity. Simple, succinct explanation. That’s what you need to be client attractive. That’s what you need to talk about what you do in a way that makes sense to someone who doesn’t know you.Here are recent examples (from actual clients and their websites) that fail the clarity test.“My process is a soulful, comprehensive, values driven approach to personal branding with a 360 view to cultivating the complete leader that magnetically attracts ideal opportunities through business.”“I help women … View Post +

How To Evaluate A Business Opportunity

Do you have set criteria that help you evaluate a business opportunity? This past week I ended up, entirely by coincidence, talking to 4 separate business owners about a business opportunity and whether to say yes to it. In each case the opportunity was going to require a significant commitment of time, and a lesser commitment of money. There were definite pros for increased visibility and credibility for the business owner. But the resource commitment was cause for concern.I use these 7 … View Post +