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Small business owners around the world consult with me when they want to get more clients and make more money. If you’re looking to build your business bigger, get a better handle on exactly where to market, and make sure what you offer is packaged and priced correctly I invite you to contact me. For over 10 years now I’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you create the business and lifestyle they truly want. Please contact me and we’ll discuss how to work together.
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Leading Your Business Through Massive Change

An online friend asked the other day about leading your business through massive change. I get it, why she asked the question. There is so much talk in the online world right now about the tried-and-true models being "broken" for coaches, consultants, speakers, change agents and other service based professionals. Almost everyone I know is facing change.Yes, there are a few people who are still working the online business model we all know and love and they are still getting results, but there's … View Post +

Online Business Strategies – Where To Go For Help

The longer you've been an entrepreneur the more you realize that online business strategies change all the time. I don't even use the same software systems to run the back end of my business that I used to use a decade ago. The online world changes quickly - sometimes something is hot and doesn't last, sometimes something really is useful. Where do I go to get insider answers so that I'm not wasting time and, even worse, wasting money? One place is the Insider Circle at NAMS. There's a lot of … View Post +

Online Marketing Overwhelm – Too Much Technology and Too Many Tools

I don't know about you, but lately I'm suffering from online marketing overwhelm. Summertime (in the U.S.) is usually when I explore new technology and software that can be useful tools to run an online-based business like mine. This requires my time to focus on two things:Looking at new technology that could impact my business (and the business of my clients, too)Keeping up with the changes (upgrades, new versions, cost) of technology I already use.To be honest the changes in tools online is … View Post +

How To Maximize Visual Content Marketing

Visual content marketing is all the rage. Just like any other type of marketing it takes practice to use visual content effectively. It can be time consuming and costly to come up with your visual content - for a full-on campaign you might need 10 or more images in a day across various social media platforms.Visual content is usually more emotionally appealing than copy, although that isn't ALWAYS true.On Twitter, visual content added to a Tweet gets you 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and … View Post +