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Small business owners around the world consult with me when they want to get more clients and make more money. If you’re looking to build your business bigger, get a better handle on exactly where to market, and make sure what you offer is packaged and priced correctly I invite you to contact me. For over 10 years now I’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you create the business and lifestyle they truly want. Please contact me and we’ll discuss how to work together.
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    Money Back Guarantees for Coaches and Consultants

    I would never offer a guarantee for my coaching or consulting services. But I am often asked about this in roundabout ways. I'll get questions like "can you give me a guarantee that what you tell me will work?" Or maybe "I want you to tell me what to do, not ask me what I want to work on." Or sometimes "how do I know that what you will tell me will make me money? The other day I spoke with someone who has not been successful in his business despite having worked with probably 3 or 4 coaches … View Post +

    Be Number One To Your Clients

    Why am I writing this week about being number one to your clients? This coming Sunday will be my very first Mother's Day without my mom, who passed away in March. I always called her "Number One Mom" and back in time actually found a gold necklace that said #1 Mom. It became her Mother's Day gift that year. Mom was so pleased with the necklace that for many years she never took it off. I found her #1 Mom necklace in her things as Bill and I were cleaning out her apartment.I know what made my mom … View Post +

    Your Prospect Promise

    What is the promise you make to your prospects in your marketing materials? I'm asking because I often review websites for small business owners and there's no promise stated at all. We need to know our "prospect promise" and let that drive our visual content and our copy. Right now I'm at Sheri Rosenthal's Retreat Planning and Profit's workshop. Sheri has been offering retreats the world over for many years. Today she drove home knowing what our promise is for the retreat we want to offer. … View Post +

    Money Smart Week – Are You Creating a Financially Strong Business?

    April 18th to 25th is Money Smart Week. Originally started in 2001 by the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, the purpose of Money Smart Week is to boost public awareness for consumers to better manage their personal finances. You can attend many different seminars and workshops provided by the Money Smart Week partners for free. There are even kid competitions, teacher curriculum guides, and online games. As business owners who work to create a legacy business that has long lasting impact, we … View Post +