Repurposing – How To Create and Manage What You Share On Social Media

Content Planning ChartOne of the questions I get asked the most is “how in the world do you keep up with what you put on social media?” And the second question often is “how do you find the time to create all the blurbs you put on social media?” So today I’m sharing my best tips on how to create social media content, and how to decide what to share through your social media accounts.

The first tip is to think “repurposing.” Your blog post can be the cornerstone for sharing social media content. If you don’t blog, use instead whatever digital content you do produce often. I’ll use a blog post as an example here.

First, write your blog post with the keywords for your business in mind. Create a title that uses at least one of the keyword phrases for your business. Once you have written your blog and posted it, you need to publicize the blog post and drive traffic to it so that your words of wisdom will get shared with the most readers possible. So, here’s what you can do to both drive traffic to your blog post and create your social media “blurbs” as well.

  1. Print out a copy of your blog post.
  2. Using a highlighter, mark sentences from the blog post that you can turn into a Facebook post or a Tweet (remembering that you get 140 characters for a Tweet). At the end of each blurb insert the URL to the full blog post to send people to your blog for the full story.
  3. Post these snippets to Facebook and Twitter using something like HootSuite or Social Oomph to schedule the social media content when you want it to appear.
  4. Create a video using the blog post content as your script and post your video to YouTube.
  5. Post the link to your blog post to your LinkedIn profile and share the link, as well, with appropriate LinkedIn groups to which you belong.
  6. Make sure that your blog post has at least one visual (picture or graphic to which you own the rights). Post your blog post to your Pinterest account with a quick sentence about why you wrote it and what the reader will learn by clicking through.
  7. Share your video, your blog post link, and short blurbs with any other social media platforms on which you are active.

Keep in mind that all your content works best when it helps to build one or more of the “know, like, and trust” factors. Why? Because prospects become customers only once they know, like, and trust you. So make sure you hold each piece of content that you write and share up to that “know/like/trust” yardstick.

I’ve set up a little chart that helps my team and me to measure each piece of content I create and use. I’m happy to share my chart with you. To grab it just leave your name and email in the form below and hit submit. I’ll send a downloadable copy to your e-mail box. The chart comes with instructions for use, too! Use the chart to help you create and track what you share, and you’ll be far ahead in gaining visibility and credibility through social media and in saving lots of time, too!

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    LOVE this post Sue! I’m such a huge fan of providing detailed how-to steps so really appreciate you laying this out so clearly. This is (part) of exactly what we do with my blog posts each week and we maintain a steady flow of traffic and leads as a result. This stuff really works! :)

  2. says

    What a great checklist and perfect solution for re-purposing – thanks! I also really like the idea of doing a video too. I’d like to suggest one more…doing press releases periodically. I actually met a PR guru yesterday and she said this is the best approach: submitting a press release once a week via the free sites and paying for a press release service about once a month.
    PS thanks for the nifty handout!

  3. says

    Sue, I feel like you wrote this just for me!!! But of course that’s your expertise of knowing exactly what a small business
    owner needs to be doing and how to instruct them so that they really can follow through. This is absolute golden info and I can’t wait for my chart!!! Thank you!

  4. says

    Great simple checklist Sue – love what you have shared here – I think I can tick every box except pinterest but then it is not a space my of my corporate clients are hanging out in – yet! Looking forward to receiving your measurement tool!

  5. says

    Thank you for the wonderful timely newsletter! It’s validated much of what I have been doing, in working outside of my area, and not letting things stop me. Although I am posting on FB, and connecting to my website having the Social Media chart will certainly be the frosting on the cake!
    Thank you again!

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    Great tips, Sue! I think repurposing content is a fabulous way to engage your audience, stay top of mind, and increase your productivity at the same time. I think a lot of business owners get stuck on social media because they think they have to be in a constant of creation and that just isn’t true. I’m looking forward to checking out your planning chart!

  7. says


    Great tips. I’ve been teaching this technique to my clients and implementing it myself for many years. It definitely saves time and increase effectiveness of your strategy and messaging.

    People tend to over-complicate the process of repurposing. :)

    Write on!~

    Lisa Manyon

  8. says

    One of my favorite ways — only select the platforms that either give you best effect or that you enjoy — I believe it’s better to be great at 2-3 platforms than to do all of them mediocre. It’s easier to manage that way, too!

  9. says

    What I love most about this post is that many of us have heard about repurposing and may do it to a certain extent, but the “how-to” of this process really makes it clear. Can’t wait to get my chart. Thanks for sharing!

  10. says

    Great, metric, Sue! It is very similar to what I do except I haven’t yet started on Pinterest… maybe one of these days… and, good to be reminded of the power of video. Time for a video shoot! (Clever offer, too.) You GO, Girl!

    I have a particular way of shuffling my posts that seems to work well, too.


  11. says

    Sue – this is such an awesome post! i forgot that there are so many ways to repurpose our information. I am so excited to receive your chart. If we are not doing these type of re-purposing every time we post, we are missing out on so much traction. I have to go back to all of the articles I’ve written and do this right away!

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