How To Create An Income Stream For Your Small Business From Writing

Guy180x135It used to be that very few small business owners could claim to be a published author.  But being able to say you are a published author has been one key way to being viewed as an expert in your community, and that’s still true today.  The barrier to entry for authorship was high and difficult whether you wanted to do a book or be published as an expert in a magazine. I remember spending hours creating query letters to magazine editors, hoping that my query would be noticed and I’d actually get hired to write an article about business building or marketing. And even if I was successful (and eventually I was) the pay for full length magazine articles was very low. Being a published and paid author might have gotten me social proof that I was expert in my field, but it wasn’t much of an income stream.

Now, though, everything has changed. There is virtually no barrier to entry in becoming a published author other than your own procrastination about sitting down and creating the content that you can publish. Publishing in a digital world is very different. You still need to have a message that is useful, and you still need to be organized in how you develop and write your content. But you no longer have to go sell someone on publishing your content for you. You can be your own publisher now. And not only can you position yourself as an expert, you can create an income stream that is steady and worth your time to do.

How do you know what will sell? Here are my top four tips for creating content people will buy.

  1. Are people searching for this topic online?
  2. Is the topic interesting?
  3. Is it useful, solving a problem for your target market?
  4. If it isn’t a problem solver, does it make life better?

People will buy what helps them. If you can write (or script for a video) content that is solution-based, useful, something people are looking for, and is packaged in a compelling way you can be a successful digital publisher.

Beginning March 6th you can find out everything you need to know about creating, publishing, and making money from digital content by attending the virtual Digital Publishing Online Intensive. I’m honored to be one of the speakers, and I’ll be talking about the ABC’s of Creating Digital Content. Our keynote speaker is none other than Guy Kawaski, who will gift you with an e-copy of his latest book. Other experts will teach you about blogging an e-book, creating video content, using digital offers to list build, crowdsourcing content, creating visual interest, and more.  And because I am one of the speakers, you can use the code SUE50 and get $50.00 off the ticket price, too.  (That code’s good all the way through to the end of the intensive, on March 26).

The Digital Publishing Online Intensive is not a pitchfest, either….we are all committed to teaching solid content, not pitching our products or services. Want to see the lineup of speakers and topics?  You can get all the details here.  If you are thinking about writing or have written but want to create an income stream using digital content, this online intensive is for you. Hope to see you there!  And remember the SUE50 code, too!

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    So many service providers could benefit greatly from a more diversified income base — and digital publishing is a great way to do that, providing you can create content that people need and like! This event sounds like a great learning opportunity! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    I think it’s wise for every biz owner to establish multiple streams of income. Having money flow in from different sources prevents a cash crunch in the event one of your streams goes down, becomes irrelevant or plateaus. Great resource for everyone. Thanks!

    Kiyla Fenell

  3. says

    As you say, there are virtually no barriers to digital publishing success, other than the ones you create for yourself like procrastination. Congrats on being part of such an amazing event that will surely help so many. :)

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    How nice to see you in the same line-up as Guy Kawasaki! Wow!

    Thanks for bringing this relevant topic to our community. SO many people think it is really easy to get published (and it kinda is), but your point about “Will it sell?” is what most just miss.

    Looks like a great event! I will share this on my Facebook page.

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    The list of understanding what people will buy is so important. Content should fill a need or solve a problem and asking those questions ensures that you’re on the right track. The program sounds powerful!

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    This looks like an awesome event with a great line-up of speakers – including you! well done for being part of this and thanks for sharing your 4 simple tips

    I can’t make this event as my focus is elsewhere at the moment but I’d love to hear how it went and perhaps have you do a blog post with some highlights


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    Sue, I agree with Heidi that your four tips are very useful. Secondly, this looks like a great seminar. I met Guy at IMS Boston a couple years ago and found him enchanting. ISince I am very interested in publishing I will definitely sign up Sue!

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    Phew!! Publishing sure has changed in our lifetime, hasn’t it!! Easier to GET published, but “published author” arena is thus more crowded. Still same issues: give people something that interests them and then market the heck out of it!!

    (published author!!!) 😉
    Be True Rich

  9. says

    Sounds like you’re part of an awesome event, Sue! I love your four tips. They are a handy checklist for making sure your content is on point. Definitely don’t want to waste time writing something no one wants to read or buy.

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