When Prospects Love You But Don’t Hire You

Do your sales conversations end in “yes, but?”

prospects love youDo prospects love you and what you do, yet never seem to “sign up” for working with you? Do groups ask you to speak, but it’s always for free? Do you hear prospects saying “The timing isn’t right” or “I can’t afford it right now?”

You might be a small business owners who has bright, shiny energy. People love to be around that type of energy because it makes them feel more hopeful. They feel lighter. They see you have that energy and want it for themselves. But if you don’t know how to market your special bright energy to prospects you’ll end up feeling discouraged, broke, and disappointed that “people don’t get what it is you offer.”

Here’s a real-life question I received from someone with bright shiny energy. When I asked her “do prospects love you?” she said yes, and then she asked, “If prospects love me as a person why are they not working with me and working with someone else instead?”

Here’s my answer to her question. Prospects may love you but that doesn’t mean they will buy from you. As a business owner, you have to be able to talk to prospects about what it is that you can help them transform. As you talk with someone, ask yourself:

  • What it is that is causing this person pain?
  • What is the untenable situation this person is in?
  • What will this person have to do to change the pain or situation, and how you can help them with that?

Love does not equal business. This is the big myth that so many transformational coaches, mentors, and energy workers believe, and it is not true. The person asking this question believes that if she offers love clients will come to her in abundance. But the truth is, she has to offer both love and consistent, well-described opportunities to work with her that clearly tell her prospects what’s in it for them. Bright shiny energy business owners tend to take for granted that prospects will “just know” what they will get.

Here’s what I will bet this business owner does not have:

  • Investable opportunities (offers) set up and described with good sales copy
  • A marketing funnel for her sales cycle
  • A way to stop and challenge her prospects to put skin in the game by paying for her work.

She just keeps on giving it away for free and hopes that one day people will see the value and offer to pay. Or she makes offers that are not descriptive of the benefits, not well priced, and infrequent.

I love everyone I work with in my business, from my team members to my clients. Still, I have to be business-like in my marketing so that I can support myself with my work. In the years I’ve worked for myself, I’ve built two
business based on work that is transformational. I’ll be teaching exactly why your prospects love you but aren’t buying from you in my April 14th webinar “How To Get Clients … What To Do When People Love You But Don’t Want to Pay for Your Transformative Skills.

If this topic is helpful for you, please click here to get a ticket to the webinar. And feel free to share the link with other business owners you know who could benefit, too. You’ll get all the details on this page – the time, cost, and what the webinar includes, too. Hope to see you there!

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  1. says

    Sounds like a great webinar, Sue! I totally agree that you have to do more than just get prospects to love you. You have to offer them value and offer them opportunities to deepen the relationship and do business with you.

  2. says

    Great thought provoking article Sue – I particularly like this advice “A way to stop and challenge her prospects to put skin in the game by paying for her work.”

  3. says

    Sue, wonderful points here! People may love ya but if they follow up – with a but – they are poor customers. I let go bad matches to make way for good matches by releasing the love-ers to make room for prospering matches. These matches love you and are more than happy to pay for your services, while the other crowd is simply a poor match. How do you spot good matches? You’ll cover in depth on the webinar I know ;)…..

    Thanks for the share. Tweeting through Triberr!

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