What Your Business Does In Just One Word – Can You Do It?

Back a few months ago I ran a challenge on this blog asking small business owners to tell me “what your business does in just one word.” I promised social media publicity and a blog post mentioning all the people who responded. Why? Because I think it’s a great exercise in how to be succinct about the bottom line of what you offer.

Amy ZastrowAmy Zastrow says that her one word is “empower.” You can find her website at www.KickButtToday.com. I didn’t know Amy before she answered my challenge, but I see that she believes strongly in getting unstuck – which we all are at some point along the path. Amy’s services help get you unstuck, and that’s definitely empowering. You can also find Amy on Facebook at facebook.com/KickButtToday.

My friend Heidi Alexandra Pollard, who is a kick-butt business owner herself, says her word is “Googleize.” Heidi, owner of Australia’s UQ PowerUQpower helps small to mid-sized companies land big contracts and build their bottom line. I’ve known Heidi for about 5 years now, she’s totally committed to her clients and their success. You can find Heidi on Facebook and LinkedIn. Her ability to “Googleize” her clients helps them get found and get contracts.

Another business owner who took my one-word challenge is my good friend and top-notch expert Trudy Scott, the one word businessnutritionist who authored the ground-breaking book The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution. Trudy’s one word is “educate.” Trudy is a food-mood expert who has gained a ton of publicity on radio, TV, and the speaker circuit for her work researching and teaching about changing your mood with food. You can follow Trudy on Facebook by clicking here.  Or, find her book on Amazon by clicking here. As Trudy says, you can feel on top of the world even if you don’t right now. Trudy’s website is www.antianxietyfoodsolution.com.

Katherine CHE says that her one-word bottom line is “sing.” Katherine, who belts out songs up in The Hamptons, brings her listeners emotion with her song. You can find Katherine on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/katherine.che and listen to her music on YouTube by clicking here.  I keep kidding Katherine that she’ll have to come down to Nashville and gig at the honky-tonks when she gets tired of The Hamptons. Think of your one word being “sing.” What power!

Mechelle Killingsworth tells me her one word is the same as mine, “encourage.” Mechelle, who is an Avon sales and leadership representative, encourages others to build their own business. You can find her Avon website by clicking here. Mechelle is also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mechelle.killingsworth.

And finally, Leona La Perriere of Hear Applause! Leadership and Coaching says that her business word is “motivate.” You can find Leona at http://www.hearapplause.com/. Leona, who works from North Carolina with her clients, offers consulting and speaking. You can also find Leona on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HearApplause.

So there you have it – 6 business owners who took the time to distill their business down into 1 single word. They are clear about what they do – and that helps them stay focused and get results. Can you tell me what your business does in just one word?  

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  1. says

    Great blog post, Sue! My word is Hope:

    Hope that it can be done. Hope that it can be simple. Hope that you can succeed, Hope that you can make the impact you’re here to make. Hope that you can break free to create your life your way. … Yeah, Hope!

  2. says


    Take people and their business through a process to become more efficient, effective
    and energetic. We determine what they are doing now and where they want to go and
    then Navigate our way to get there.

  3. says

    This has been a fun challenge to follow! Thank you for sharing it Sue, and the opportunity to participate. It’s also fun to see the words my friends use, so simple (one word) yet so defining and in line with their company brands…

  4. says

    Fab challenge Sue. Being brief adds clarity to your business vision. People can easier see where and how you can help them with 1 word, or with a tiny phrase. Focus on that word, and build your entire campaign around it. Great post!

  5. says

    Dear Sue – waahoo thanks for sharing this post about all our one words – I am chuffed to be included in your post. And yes at UQ Power we love helping companies googleize their culture and their brand so they stand out as unique and don’t get lost in a sea of sameness.
    Seems all the people you’ve included here really get the power of being unique and clear!

  6. says

    This challenge was great, thank you for posting it. My word for this year is “inspire” and I have not only gotten positive feedback from clients about it, I had someone write me a thank-you note using the image on my post as the cover image of their card. It was pretty cool and wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t given me the impetus to choose a word. :-)

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