Complaints Against Your Business – What Do You Do?

When you get complaints against your business what do you do? It happened to me last week and I decided to shoot a video about what can happen when you get a complaint or a compliment in your business. Here's a written version of the story that's … [Read more...]

Where Your Target Market Is on Social Media These Days

where is your market on social media

You're looking to increase your social media marketing and need to know where your target market is on social media. An infographic published by AdWeek in January can help.First, let's look at where the largest increase (by age group in the United … [Read more...]

How Becoming More Intuitive Increases Your Business

how intuition helps your business

Hi this is Sue Painter the confident marketer. My website is Yesterday I talked a little bit about the signs that you are not using your own inner vision enough to help yourself in your life and in your business. That it … [Read more...]

5 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Gut in Business

do you trust your gut in business?

You've got to trust your gut to be successful in business. Of the three multi-millionaire business owners who have mentored me not a one downplays gut instinct and trusting your intuition. Here's my infographic that gives 5 sure signs you don't trust … [Read more...]