Money Back Guarantees for Coaches and Consultants

no money back guarantees

I would never offer a guarantee for my coaching or consulting services. But I am often asked about this in roundabout ways. I'll get questions like "can you give me a guarantee that what you tell me will work?" Or maybe "I want you to tell me what to … [Read more...]

Money Smart Week – Are You Creating a Financially Strong Business?

manage your money

April 18th to 25th is Money Smart Week. Originally started in 2001 by the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, the purpose of Money Smart Week is to boost public awareness for consumers to better manage their personal finances. You can attend many … [Read more...]

National Stress Awareness Day – Does Stress Motivate or Depress You?

National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day and a great topic for small business owners, right? I've almost never consulted with or coached someone who didn't admit to feeling stressed now and then. But I've found that we can adapt our reaction to stress … [Read more...]